Green (Field) Peas (Produce of Uganda)

Green (Field) Peas (Produce of Uganda)

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Green (Field) Peas (Produce of Uganda)

Green  Peas are “field peas”, which are meant to be used dried rather than eaten fresh. The skin (seed coat) of the peas is a light yellow. Inside, the peas are a darker yellow, though the colour fades when cooked. They are slightly larger than green peas. Yellow Peas are popular in Nordic countries for soups.

The flavour of Green Peas is grainier, milder and less sharply vegetable tasting than the flavour of Yellow peas, because Green Peas have more chlorophyll in them. Green Peas are also quicker to lose their shape when being cooked than green peas.

Soak peas overnight and cook until tender, store in a dry place, WARNING: DO NOT EAT RAW